Certification Process

Doula services and training programs are not currently regulated in most countries in the world, so doula training is what is called a self-certifying industry.  Nevertheless, there are a number of research studies and years of experiential history of doulas and doula training efforts which provide the requisite characteristics, knowledge, skills, and tools which should be brought together to equip women to become effective doulas.  The Phases Doula Training Program is designed to meet or exceed these self-imposed industry standards.[1]

The Phases Doula Training Program will provide certification to doula trainees based upon successful completion of the following:

  1. Attendance at all on-line training components and assignments along with successful completion of assessments and evaluations

  2. Required readings

  3. Documented self-reflections

  4. Participation in required discussion board sessions with other doula trainees

  5. Documented hands –on doula support experiences during the Practicum phase of the training.  Each doula trainee is required to support three (3) women through the pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum periods for a total of at least 20 hours and to provide verification/assessment of these services.  In order to shorten the time of this portion of the certification process, doula trainees will be encouraged early in the training period to identify pregnant women who would desire their support .

  6. Documentation of Adult and Neonatal CPR and First Aid Certification

Phases Doula Training Program reserves the right to make adjustments to any part of the certification program.  Recertification process is currently under development.

Phases Doula Training Program recognizes that accommodating various learning styles of individuals has been shown to improve the acquisition and retention of information.  Given this, we will work to accommodate the needs of our doula trainees.  If you have particular learning difficulties or needs, please feel free to inform your trainer(s) so that we can help you achieve the best learning outcomes.