Phase IV: Preparation

“Verily, Allah has prescribed excellence (Ihsan) in all things.” (Forty Hadith)


This section of the training begins the doula trainee’s movement into the phase of her education that will prepare her with birth-specific information. It will explore the spiritual, physical, emotional/psychological and social aspects of pre-conceptual and pregnancy related health issues; the anatomy and physiology of body’s systems, conception, pregnancy, labor, birth, and post-partum recovery.

This includes the following and other related topics:

  1. the psycho-emotional and spiritual aspects of the mother across the birthing cycle;
  2. the role and impact of the husband/father in birth process and outcomes;
  3. prenatal care;
  4. birth related medical terminology
  5. risks and benefits of common hospital birth protocols and interventions for mothers and babies; and
  6. Islamic medical practices of benefit to the birthing family, an overview of beneficial/harmful herbs and foods, and other supportive alternative wellness practices


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