Phase V: Partnering Skills

In this phase of the training, the doula will move into an in-depth discussion of how she as a doula will provide a range of holistic supports to the pregnant and birthing mother, the mother/baby dyad as well as the father, and other members of the birthing team at different points in the birth cycle.  It will draw on the learnings in the previous phase and will be an opportunity for review of those learnings as we match the various phases of the birth cycle with specific support attitudes, birthing positions, and hands-on tools and techniques.

The doula will explore her role in different birth settings.  We will discuss professional boundaries, documentation practices, interviewing and active listening skills, birth planning, advocacy skills and limits, and dealing with unexpected birth outcomes including maternal/infant birth trauma and death.  Each doula trainee should walk away from this phase of the training with a “toolkit” for her new role as a doula covering.


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