Phase VI: Postpartum

Post-partum care begins directly after the birth of the baby and is part of the continuum of the birth cycle.  Not all woman are interested in being what the industry has termed “Post-partum Doulas.”   However, we include an integrated component to emphasize the importance of this period of the birthing cycle as critical to the immediate and long-term health of the mother/baby dyad and the wholesome, healthy and successful reintegration of the newly emerged mother, father and baby unit into family life.

It will include, insha’Allah, among other topics:

  • Doula support in the various postpartum periods
  • Mother/child and family bonding
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Disengaging from the birthing scene
  • Home visits
  • Reviewing and reprocessing the birth story; addressing birth disappointment
  • Supporting a mother who has suffered personal birth trauma
  • Supporting a mother who has experienced the serious illness or death of her infant
  • Supporting mothers through postpartum hormonal and emotional changes
  • Signs of healthy family reintegration
  • Spotting and understanding signs of Postpartum Depression or other mal-adjustments
  • Making appropriate referrals
  • Bringing closure to your doula services