Our Philosophy

Phases Doula Training Program is a faith-based approach to engaging and preparing women to provide labor support services for other women throughout the various stages of the birth cycle from pregnancy through childbirth and into the postpartum period.  Our goal is to provide one way for the seeking woman to leave an enduring legacy in this life that will produce fruits for her in the Hereafter.  Our hopeful outcome is to help women reclaim the birth process as a normal bodily function, as an important personal and spiritual growth process, and as the first stage in the spiritual, physical and emotional well-being of the infant, the growing family, and a well-balanced community.

This training is rooted in an Islamic perspective and therefore acknowledges the spiritual aspects not only of the birthing process but of the helping role of the doula.  By looking at birth from this particular viewpoint, we intend to improve birth outcomes for Muslim women and to train not on Muslim doulas but to improve the cultural understanding of anyone who serves pregnant and birthing Muslim women.

We recognize and announce the Creator’s mercy and miracle in the creation and emergence of each new life.  We see birth as one of the signs of Allah (the Creator) and thus, also recognize that within it, there are many mysteries and life lessons.  If we prepare ourselves and open our minds and hearts, God-willing, there are few who can witness this noble life process and walk away unchanged…without a deeper understanding of the One Who perfected birth, of themselves, of the women who have been chosen to give birth and of life itself.

Our doula training model is called the 7-Phase (or 7P) Doula Training Approach.  The 7 P’s are the key components in an introspective training process that prepares women to provide professional and holistic doula support services. These phases include:  Purpose, Prophetic Guidance, Pondering, Preparedness, Partnering Skills, Post-Partum, and Practicum  (Practical Application).  By designing this as an on-line training, we hope to reach more women who find it difficult to attend workshop-based doula trainings and by doing so, to increase the number of women, infants and families who have improved birth experiences and outcomes.