Phase II: Prophetic Guidance

Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) reported that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said,“Whoever does an action and it is not in accordance with this affair of ours, it is rejected.” (Muslim)

So being clear about the Prophetic Guidance is a critical next step in the training process.  For the Muslim doula trainee, it is intended to be the foundation for creating the mindset that will inspire her to strive for Allah’s pleasure in this act of supporting women and their families and to approach her work with the required diligence, sincerity, and seriousness of purpose.  For the non-Muslim trainee, it is designed to open a doorway of understanding to the spiritual perspective of the Muslim mother/family and will hopefully enhance the quality of care afforded to them during this important life passage.

This component of the training is designed to create the spiritual backdrop that is not found in other doula training programs.  While this is a distinct phase in the training, the entire training process will incorporate and inculcate applicable Islamic references, legislation and reminders and will rest upon this foundation.

In this phase, we will explore the relevant references and Islamic framework drawing from the Qur’an and the Sunnah regarding:

  • Health in General
  • Birth in particular
  • Position of the mother in Islam
  • Responsibility and reward for being an ansar (helper)
  • Importance of the amana (trust) & covering of faults
  • Legislation regarding taharah (purification) and other religious obligations and restrictions for the pregnant, birthing and postpartum mother
  • Dua (supplication)  and other beneficial reminders


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