Our Doula Training Model

Our training model is unique and is called The 7-Phase Doula Training Approach.TM    It is a faith-based approach rooted in an Islamic perspective and acknowledges and grooms the spiritual aspects not only of the birthing process but of the helping role of the doula.  It is designed as a parallel process that gently guides and supports the doula in her personal and professional development in the same manner that the doula will go on to provide support to the birthing women.  This nurturing ripple effect extends out to enhance the mother’s ability to more effectively mother her newborn.

The 7 Phases are key components in a successful and thorough training process for doulas to ensure their ability to support other women spiritually, emotionally, physically and developmentally through the birth cycle.

(Follow the links below for an overview of each Phase.)


Phase I:  Purpose

Phase II:  Prophetic Guidance

Phase III:  Pondering

Phase IV:  Preparedness

Phase V:  Partnering Skills

Phase VI:  Postpartum Support

Phase VII:  Practicum